Since February 2022, Sports Catalyst has been supporting Ukraine during this difficult time
Since 1997 and Beyond
Empowering Sports Movements in Cities Worldwide
Empowering Sports Movements in Cities Worldwide
Since 2007 and Beyond
Since February 2022, Sports Catalyst has been supporting Ukraine during this difficult time
what we dO:
Our model is designed to enrich communities during this era of global.
Globally, more than 4 billion people live in urban areas. It's projected that close to 7 billion people will live in urban areas by 2050. Moving to live in the city changes the dynamics of many people's lives. We provide a solution in four simple steps:
  • Partnering
    Collaborating with sports federations and other sports governing bodies to increase and sustain sports programs for the benefit of local communities.
  • Training
    Building leadership capacity and training on how to effectively lead sports programs for various ages
  • Educating
    Creating high quality, open-source materials, tools, resources and models to empower change in competitive and recreational sports around the world.
  • Sustaining
    Providing seed capital to facilitate strategy development and execution by national leaders who will own and maintain growth.
Sowing the Seeds of Urban Sports Excellence
Sports is a universal language that brings people together and creates a sense of community. We use this powerful tool through our projects to spread joy, build connections, and make a difference in cities, towns, villages, & even remote islands throughout the world. Join us & experience the movement.
Stand with Ukraine
Our organization is committed to providing assistance to communities affected by the ongoing conflict and displacement caused by the war or natural disasters.
Competitive Sports
Empowering coaches to enhance player's lives through training in character, competence and combining sports skills with values and ethics.
Recreational Sports
Bringing communities together through recreational sports festivals and sports camps, creating a fun and inclusive environment for sports, connection, and personal growth.
Health and Fitness
Promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being through health and fitness programs for individuals and communities.
Adaptive Sports
Fostering inclusivity and promoting personal growth through adaptive sports programs for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities.
Extreme Sports
Exploring the world of adventure and excitement through extreme sports and its growing popularity among young people.
Esports and gaming
Expanding opportunities for community building and personal growth through the rapidly growing industry of esports and gaming.
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